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In the «International Construction Exhibition 2006» will take part LLC «Roca Sanitaryware»...

Get complimentary ticket to the International Building Exhibition at the Crocus-Expo there is no trouble!...

International Building Exhibition of 2006 - the first exhibition in the framework of the national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia»...

Exhibition area

Crocus Expo

Exhibition Center is located in the vicinity of the Moscow ring road, near the intersection with Highway Volokolamskoye. It is part of a large trade exhibition business center "Crocus City", which includes the following sites:

1. One of the largest hypermarkets in Russia "Your House" (the total area of 41395 square meters. M), was put into operation in September 2001;
2. shopping center "Passage-Mall" (the total area of approximately 62 000 square meters. m), opened in November 2002;
3. Exhibition Center (construction began in 2002), including 4 with total area of the pavilion 43.9 thousand square kilometers. m;
4. Hotel (4-5 stars);
5. shopping and entertainment complex.

Exhibition Center was designed in accordance with the highest international standards with the use of modern architecture and building materials.

exhibition space includes exhibition halls 4: 11 581 sq. km. m, 9 342, 5 416 and 5 030 sq. km. m separated sound barrier, which enables the simultaneous holding of the center of several exhibitions.

All exhibition halls are equipped with systems of power and water supply, ventilation and air conditioning, pumping compressed air in the stands, as well as means of protection, security and fire protection.

height of the building to handle - 9.3 m

for unloading and importation of exhibition equipment, exhibits and other goods in each room, there are automatic gates. Total installation of gates - 14.

Visitors will be one main entrance, leading to the registration hall, which can take place in the pavilions for exhibition.

Exhibition Center has two restaurants and a network of remote cafe.

location of the center on the outside of the Moscow Ring Road (66 km) makes the most convenient access to it as a heavy-duty trucks with the exhibits and exhibition equipment, and cars.

Contact Information:

Address: MO, g.Krasnogorsk village Krasnogorsk-4, 65-66 km Moscow Ring Road outside.
Phone: +7 (495) 727-25-24


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