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In the «International Construction Exhibition 2006» will take part LLC «Roca Sanitaryware»...

Get complimentary ticket to the International Building Exhibition at the Crocus-Expo there is no trouble!...

International Building Exhibition of 2006 - the first exhibition in the framework of the national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia»...


28/08/2006 In the «International Construction Exhibition 2006» will take part LLC «Roca Sanitaryware»

21/08/2006 Get complimentary ticket to the International Building Exhibition at the Crocus-Expo there is no trouble!

27/07/2006 International Building Exhibition of 2006 - the first exhibition in the framework of the national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia»

21/06/2006 Direction «International Construction Exhibition» starts to work on a business exhibition program

04/05/2006 You can also manage to become a party to a unique exhibition events of autumn - «International Building Exhibition 2006». Just take care of it beforehand, and to apply for participation in the exhibition «Bath and Kitchen 2006». Among the companies that have already made their choices:

10/03/2006 Romanio Company announced the opening of online store

10/03/2006 Exhibitor «Bath and Kitchen 2006» company «Bono» announced the renewal of the range

28/09/2005 Successful completion of the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition «Bath and Kitchen 2005» (12-15 September, SK «Olympic»)!

08/09/2005 GAO Moscow invites all guests to visit the Round Table «The standards of international hotel operators and the design of a hotel room», which will be held on 14 September 2005 at 12.00 am in the Media Center

12/08/2005 Construction time for Autumn! Fall season starts in Moscow, the most important developments in the construction industry, architecture, decoration and design! From 12 to 15 September in the UK «Olympic» will take place international specialized exhibitions «interior, decoration, decoration and design», «The bathroom and kitchen», «Construction of technology and engineering systems »

03/08/2005 Attention Exhibitors! Representatives of the largest hotels of capital, as well as hotels and holiday homes to take part in projects organized by IFA in conjunction with the Russian Hotel Association

29/07/2005 September 12, the first day of the exhibition will be a presentation of the new VC of GAO «Moscow» - «BUILD HOTEL!», Which aims at ensuring the promotion of hotel and tourism industry capital

15/07/2005 POSITETELEY hospitality industry WAITING pleasant surprise! In 2005, the exhibition «Bath and Kitchen» and «interior, decoration, decoration and design» will be a unique project - 4 Room Show. During the exhibition, representatives of relevant services, hotels, hotels and holiday homes will be able to see a number of finished rooms (including bathroom), created by professional designers. In Russia, the project is carried out for the first time, but the participation of the largest companies said the construction industry:

27/06/2005 The exhibition «Bath and Kitchen 2005» for the first time taking part STUDIO 4 - the biggest enterprise for the production of ceramic tile from Israel

27/06/2005 The latest designs of models with bent facades, you will see on the stand «Akvaton» within the framework of the exhibition «The bathroom and kitchen»!

24/06/2005 12 September 2005 in the exhibition "Bath and Kitchen 2005" and "Interiors, decorating, decor and design of 2005" will be presentation of the draft GAO "Moscow" - "Building a hotel."

21/03/2005 The owners of wholesale and retail companies! Can the Russian market to find high-quality, beautiful and, if possible, not an expensive bathroom furniture? We know the answer to this question!

21/03/2005 SPOKESPERSONS Wholesale and retail companies! The exhibition VC 2005 TD "Viscount" present for you a better product

11/02/2005 The group of companies AQUAFORUM announced their participation in Bathroom & Kitchen 2005. From year 2001 Aquaforum is an active participant and an operator of the Russian wholesale and retail market in the field of sanitary engineering & furniture for bathrooms

11/02/2005 Group of companies AKVAFORUM "announced its participation in the" Bath and Kitchen 2005. " Since 2001, the group of companies "Akvaforum" is an active participant and the operator of Russia's wholesale and retail market in the segment of "sanitary ware and bathroom furniture

11/02/2005 Dear participants! You have long been a unique opportunity to post news of your company at the exhibition "The bathroom and kitchen." Thus you can proanonsirovat Your participation and talk about their production of large numbers of personnel! Please do not hesitate and send your material to the Organizing Committee of the exhibition!

11/02/2005 Dear Exhibitors!! You have an excellent & unique opportunity to place the news of Your company at Our web-page! By doing this You can announce Your participation in the Exhibition and give the information about Your products, new collections & special offers to a large amount of specialists! Please feel free to send Your materials (can be even with a small picture) to our organizing committee.

28/12/2004 Dear participants! Company IFA warmly congratulates you on New Year and Merry Christmas!

22/09/2004 In Moscow, has successfully completed its work on 2-nd International Specialized Exhibition «Bath and Kitchen 2004», held in with a/c «Olympic» 6 to September 8, 2004

25/08/2004 Full list of exhibitors with booth numbers and represented brands available in the "Party."

12/08/2004 The 1st International Specialized Bathroom & Kitchen 2003 Trade Fair was successfully held in Moscow, s/c Olympiysky from 27 till 30 August 2003

12/08/2004 The organizers of Bathroom & Kitchen 2004 are glad to congratulate all partners and participants on Christmas and New Year! We would like to inform you that by the beginning of 2004 the number of participants has significantly exceeded the results of 2003

12/08/2004 The main part of the exhibition-2004 is already completed! Due to success in the year 2003 and high interest of the specialists, we are sure that Bathroom&Kitchen 2004 participants will be thrilled with its representativeness and enlarged size

12/08/2004 Among the participants of the trade fair Bisazza, KON Trade House, Fintorg - Gardenia Orchidea, Omikor, Interma, Cavex, Bell Rado, Mofem-TEKA, Zack, Marvel Line and many others

12/08/2004 Full list of participants with stand numbers and presented brands is put in EXHIBITORS issue

12/08/2004 The 2-nd International Specialized Trade Fair Bathroom & Kitchen 2004, which took place in S/C Olimpiyskiy, Moscow, 6-8 September 2004, was a success

12/08/2004 To wholesalers and specialized shops! More than 50 new collections of bathroom & kitchen accessories, ceramic tile and mosaics, sanitary ware and furniture will be presented at Bathroom & Kitchen Trade Fair this year

12/08/2004 You can get free-of-charge invitation tickets to BATHROOM & KITCHEN 2004 Trade Fair beforehand in IFA office:

12/08/2004 Dear participants and guests! Do not lose an unique opportunity to get to know full list of participants-2004 2 months before the exhibition!

12/08/2004 To designers and architects! You have new ideas for bathroom and kitchen but You cannot find necessary materials?

12/08/2004 Bagno Più will present at the exhibition «The bathroom and kitchen» model "GIUBILEO"

10/08/2004 Free tickets to the exhibition "BATHROOM AND KITCHEN 2004 is available in advance at the office of IFA at the following address:

16/07/2004 Wholesalers and specialized stores! The exhibition «Bath and Kitchen» this year will be more than 50 new collections of accessories, ceramic tiles and mosaics, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture and kitchens

16/07/2004 Designers and architects! Do you have a new idea of a bathroom or kitchen, but you can not find the materials?

24/06/2004 Dear visitors and guests of the exhibition! You have a unique opportunity to more than 2 months to see a list of participants in 2004!

10/06/2004 Among the exhibitors - Bisazza, TH KOH, Fintorg - Gardenia Orchidea, Omikor, Intermodal, Cavex, Bell Rado, Mofem-TEKA, Zack, Liniya Marvell, and many others

31/03/2004 Dear members and visitors! The bulk composition of 2004 is already skomplektovana!

12/01/2004 Organizers of the exhibition «Bath and Kitchen 2004» are pleased to congratulate its partners and stakeholders to come the New Year and to announce that at the beginning of January 2004 the number of exhibitors has exceeded the performance of last year

08/09/2003 In Moscow, successfully completed its work on 1 st International Specialized Exhibition «The bathroom and kitchen 2003», held in with a/c «Olympic» from 27 to 30 August 2003

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