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In the «International Construction Exhibition 2006» will take part LLC «Roca Sanitaryware»...

Get complimentary ticket to the International Building Exhibition at the Crocus-Expo there is no trouble!...

International Building Exhibition of 2006 - the first exhibition in the framework of the national project «Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia»...


Dear friends!

Today Exhibition «Bath and Kitchen» - only autumn, single purpose project. Construction and repair specialists, and architectural and design organizations, representatives of major wholesalers and retailers, dealers and distributors in all regions of Russia and CIS countries have chosen a traditional meeting place for the exhibition.

The project «4 ROOM SHOW» allows participants to showcase their materials and interior

  • operational staff of hotels
  • Representatives sanatoria, rest houses a new format
  • Architects
  • designers
  • designers
  • decorators
  • Representatives repair organizations
  • wholesale and retail companies

    Specialists and hospitality industry professionals need to monitor trends to ensure the comfort and convenience of modern hotel rooms. Therefore, in the exhibition "Interiors, decorating, decor and design of 2005" and "Bath and Kitchen 2005" to create "Tender ZONE" , where the construction or in need of renovation of hotels will be able to get acquainted with all the manufacturers and distributors decoration and building materials at exhibitions, and find among their strategic partners. The Organizing Committee of the exhibition forms a team of supply to work at the shows, the choice of quality building materials and interior with the best price - quality ".

    Today guests' tender zone 'is:

    Russian hotels
  • network number 1 "AMAKS GRAND HOTELS"
  • Hotel «Ukraina»
  • Hotel «National»
  • Hotel «Altay»
  • Hotel «South»
  • Hotel «Shelfort»
  • Hotel «Kronverk»
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